Writing by MK Elliot


The Charlotte Berg Guide to Faking It, contemporary sports romance (68k)

After a misleading headline and photo in the news, AHL forward Charlotte “Charlie” Berg winds up faking an engagement to the most boring player on the team. Between pressure from her perfectionist family, the media, and the team’s PR department, she feels overwhelmed.

Nate Clark might not know Charlotte well, but he knows she’s the most talented player on the team and he sees the pressure she’s under. He’s ready to do anything to support the team and their star player – except fall in love.

Charlotte is used to putting on a façade, keeping cool, and hiding her anxieties. Nate wears his heart on his sleeve, falls in love easily, and always assumes the best. When Charlotte finally makes it to the NHL, though, Nate is left a league below, questioning his self-worth.

Personal Best, contemporary Esports romance (wip)

Verity Brown breaks up with her boyfriend Thomas after he discovers that her top scores in a popular puzzle game are world-record worthy. While she doesn’t care about Esports, she does care that he then uploaded a recording of one of her recent games with his own commentary to steal a world record.

When her roommate, Arjun, discovers the world championship tournament is being held the next month in New York he convinces her to enter both herself and her ex – and destroy him on the main stage.

While at the conference she meets Logan Holmes, a popular Twitch streamer with the second-place record. They hit it off before meeting again in the finals. It’s up to Logan to prove he’s nothing like Thomas.


WIP: New Money, a murder mystery following a murder in one nouveau riche family per season, co-authored with Elek Schor

Season one follows two detectives investigating the suspicious death of a family patriarch at an early Christmas party with his children, his girlfriend, and their children. Sifting through thirty-plus years of drama with a waspy Forest Hill family is not how either detective planned to spend the holiday.

WIP: a female buddy cop dramedy co-authored with Elek Schor


(speaking quickly)

Yes. Well. You see, Mrs. Heardly up in 4C–do you know her? Lovely woman, very fond of cats–she mentioned the other day that her air conditioning unit wasn’t quite up to the job of cooling both her living room and bedroom, and that she’d benefit greatly from having an additional unit. So I thought–

Rae just looks at her. A change of subject is the only thing that’s going to save Martin.

WIP: children’s animation series Robot House
Sample art, episode summaries, etc available upon request.

In their small but diverse suburban community, Mia’s family are the first ever robots. Everyone puts in their best effort to make them feel welcome, but there are regular cultural clashes and misunderstandings. Many episodes provide kids with a script for how to address cultural misunderstandings in their own lives by seeing how Marites and Mia handle similar issues.